Why am I running for Mayor?

Martinez is at a crossroads. The current city malaise, reflected by an out-of-control homeless crisis and a concerning rise in crime rates, cannot be reversed by the current political establishment. Their inability to come together, find solutions, and strengthen our city has helped lead us here. Now, three of these council members are running for Mayor. While I wish them the best in life, our city deserves more than what we’ve experienced in the past. It’s time for progress.

As your former Mayor, I have a record of accomplishment and a history of effectively uniting the City Council.

Under my leadership:

  • Fought to decrease fire insurance costs for residents of Martinez by advocating against designating areas in Martinez as high fire hazard severity zones
  • Increased available jobs by 4x
  • Built our current City Hall
  • Built the downtown train station by partnering with BART
  • Built the current Senior Center
  • Preserved the Franklin Hills ridgeline by partnering with the East Bay Regional Park District
  • Rebuilt the water treatment plant, installing a cutting-edge filtering system
  • Negotiated the inclusion of Mt. Wanda Into the John Muir National Park and annexation into Martinez
  • Partnered with the Central Sanitary District to rebuild sewer lines across the city, lowering pollution levels in Alhambra Creek
  • Established Hidden Lakes Park
  • Created daycare centers in local schools
  • Instituted the School Resource Officer program
  • Supported the rebuilding of Alhambra High School, Alhambra High’s football field, and the Junior High 

By working with diverse communities and negotiating for our city’s best interests, I moved the city forward. We can regain that momentum with renewed leadership.

We can do better than we have. We can do better than closing the municipal swimming pool in the middle of summer, better than leaving the waterfront fishing pier closed to the public, better than allowing our water system to fall into disrepair, and better than leaving City Hall open for only a few hours a week, forcing citizens to jump through countless hoops to simply speak to City Staff.

I know we can, because as a US Army Infantry Veteran, dedicated public servant, and former Mayor, I have experience working through stressful situations to find workable solutions to myriad challenges.

Here are the immediate challenges I plan to address:

  • Establish workable solutions to our homeless crisis
  • Review and update police protocols that will enhance public safety and the protection of our school children
  • Rebuild our neglected water system
  • Reopen the Waterfront Amphitheater and Public Pier
  • Revitalize our waterfront
  • Reopen City Hall by extending its hours of operation
  • Convert the light industrial buildings near our downtown area into beautiful family homes

Currently, I work hard as an Assistant District Attorney to successfully lead teams of investigators, paralegals, medical professionals and others to provide justice to victims of serious felony crimes. To prove my commitment to our city’s future, if elected, I promise to retire from this role and work full-time as your Mayor.

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